Here some brief quotes from a few previous Light & Commerce attendees:

I appreciate David's heart and how he is genuine about people yet passionate about his art. Inspiring to see the lighting techniques and understanding the business.
- Alan Matthews

It was framed well with enough freedom to feel relaxed & have fun.
- Jonathan D. Gibbs

Very useful! This workshop was worth every penny!
- Steve Ferdelman

Before attending your workshop I didn't know I could even get a shot using strobes at all. Now my mind is racing with ideas. Thank you David.
- Leslee Mitchell

This was a fantastic workshop! Wish it could be for 2 days :)
- Angela Bertrand

David was very candid and willing to share pretty much anything about the biz.
- Aaron Grayum

My favorite part of the workshop was the Commerce portion. It answered many questions I'd been digging for.
- Danesha Stallings

The workshop was amazing! I am so inspired by actually getting to see a working professional in the studio. It made me realize that "I" can do this!
- Kevin Rogers

All my questions were answered even above and beyond my expectations.
- Michael Jauch

For some photographers business is a mystery. David has done an incredible job of clearly explaining what all photographers should know. This has helped me incredibly.
- Curtis DeGidio

Excellent insight into real world business issues. Great lighting examples and models to work with.
- Michael Hayes

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