Light & Commerce is different type of workshop. It's geared mainly towards two groups of people

Group One: People who want to learn how to make the transition from a non-commercial background such as portrait or wedding photography into the vastly different world of commercial photography.

Group Two: People who may be already shooting commercial work but haven't yet figured out how the technical & business sides of commercial photography are run.

Previous attendees have been: ariel photographers, wedding photographers, portrait well as others who shoot part-time such as graphic designers & art directors, Mom's, college students, etc.

If you've heard any of my recent podcasts or interviews various places online, you know that I have been saying it's time to "sink or swim." Times are tough out there, but for those who are wiling to work hard and be creative the rewards are plentiful.

It doesn't matter if you are a hobbyist, part-time pro or full time pro; if you are not currently happy with the level of knowledge and success in your career, this workshop is for you. My hope is that at the end of Light and Commerce you will be transformed in your imagination, inspiration, technical knowledge and business savy.

I am not a stuffed-shirt kind of teacher. I will lead you on this one-day journey with plain talk, straightforward answers and good old fashioned hard work. Like I said, this is for people who are serious about taking their career to the next level.

I named it Light and Commerce because the workshop is divided into 2 parts.


The first part of the day focuses on basic lighting and photography techniques that I use on every shoot. You will learn how and why I light the way I do as well as how to approach every shoot differently.

Topics covered include:

• How Commercial photography is problem-solving, not just bieng "artsy."
• A variety of lighting techniques for commercial photography
• Natural light verses strobe and how to mix the two
• Posing and working with talent/models
• Choosing the right euipment for each job
• Everything that you as the attendees throw at me

You will not just watch, but will learn as you also shoot real models. I supply all the gear and lights, you just need to bring your camera.

PART TWO: Commerce

The second part of the day will focus exclusively on the business side of photography. I will discuss in great detail things such as:

• How to properly market yourself to commercial clients
• Branding; what it is and isn't.
• The phone rings; now what? (How to land commercial jobs)
• How to estimate commercial jobs properly
• How to hold and retain clients
• Pre-producing a shoot of any size
• Finding and working with hair and makeup artists & wardrobe stylists
• "The art of location scouting"
• Renting verses buying equipment
• How to start and run a studio (without going into debt)
• What makes a good and bad web site
• What exactly assistants do and why should never shoot without at least one
• Pre-production, shoot day, post-production; to produce and pull off a commercial photo shoot.

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